Solving the mystery of the ASUS ScreenPad. What is it?

[see update below]

So what is the ASUS ScreenPad? Admittedly, we don’t have a certain answer. However we do have some evidence from around the internet that provides some clues.

Samsung has a couple of smartphone docks that allow you to use your smartphone as it were a PC tower. The smartphone provides the “brains” of the operation.

Recently Samsung released a more streamlined product that operates under the same principle. The smartphone is the “brains” but also allows the smartphone to operate as a touchpad.

We believe that the ASUS ScreenPad is a dock that allows you to output onto a display, such as a 4K monitor and connect a keyboard and a mouse (may not be required as the smartphone is likely to double as a touchpad) for use in a desktop like environment.

So think of the ScreenPad as being an accessory of sorts. It will charge your Android mobile phone while also allowing you to use your phone in a completely new way.

While at home or the office you can enjoy the mobile phone on a big display rather than the 5 or 6-inch mobile phone display.

There is going to be more to the Android desktop experience because the OS is designed for touch display, and with this being a desktop environment, people are going to want a slightly modified Android experience. There needs to be some tweaks to Android in order for this to work. Samsung has numerous tweaked apps that are optimized for this very desktop environment.

Update: Upon further pondering, we are starting to wonder outloud about whether the ScreenPad may be some type of gaming device or at least a gaming capable handheld. Could it be something along the lines of the Nintendo Switch “pad”? Perhaps it can double more as a tablet than of a gaming device.

The reason we are shifting to something that’s gaming capable is by some scattered findings on the web. It’s just hearsay, nothing more. At the same time we’re super stumped on this device and speculation will tend to run wild.

Update May 28: When we launched this site, we only had a name to go with. Shortly thereafter we discovered a Google Chrome YouTube extension in the Google Chrome Store. Since that time however, it has become quite clear that the ScreenPad may be a laptop feature rather than a separate accessory. In other words, the ScreenPad could potentially be a new innovative take on the traditional touchpad. So rather than just having a touchpad, the touchpad itself could be a screen unto itself. Certainly the ScreenPad could be an accessory unto itself, but that’s the big question right now.

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