ASUS ScreenPad Apps – Best Apps – App Reviews

Apps are going to be a key component of the ScreenPad. At this point, things are pointing towards Microsoft apps, meaning this device is more about the Windows environment rather than the Android environment.

The most likely scenario would include the popular apps like YouTube, Microsoft Office,  Music Player, and other productivity and entertainment style apps.

App Icon
ScreenPad Launcher Customizable app launcher.
ScreenPad YouTube Enjoy better and simpler control over your YouTube viewing experience.
ScreenPad Spotify Requires users to have a Spotify Premium account.
ScreenPad Office Get the most of of your Microsoft Office experience.
ScreenPad Music Player This is a utility that lets you play music easier and faster.
ScreenPad Calculator This calculator app is for basic calculations and can be used when showing another application that is full screen.
ScreenPad Adobe Reader Sign Sign PDF documents using the ScreenPad.
ScreenPad Calendar This calendar app works in unison with the Microsoft Calendar so you can view events and information.
ScreenPad Numkey A more sensible way to enter numbers, this app gives a traditional layout to what is standard on a full sized keyboard.
ScreenPad SpeechTyper Voice input is a more efficient means of entering text into the ScreenPad.