ScreenPad Pre Order – Where to Buy ASUS ScreenPad

Update: There is speculation that the ScreenPad is not an accessory, but rather a feature built into ASUS laptops that sits under the traditional touchpad location. Obviously should that be the case, pre orders would include those laptops that have the ScreenPad technology. More updates coming so stay tuned!

Given the unknowns, it’s not possible to list stores where you can pre order or buy the ScreenPad. We know ASUS quite well and given their tendencies, we’re expecting availability as ASUS stores, Lazada, Flipkart, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and other popular electronics retailers.

Price is going to play a big role in demand. It does appear that the ScreenPad is going to be a unique offering so demand is very much up in the air. Hitting the right price point these days is critical and one such example is the overwhelming demand ASUS is facing in India with the ZenFone Max Pro which was priced ultra competitively and now they can’t keep up with the demand.

If the ScreenPad is unveiled at Computex 2018, at time it’s a clear four to six months before some of those products come to market to buy. We might be excited as you are, but getting one of these products in your hands might be a bit yet. For North America, the FCC submissions are the best indicator in terms of a release date for the US and Canada markets. ASUS tends to release products first in Asia so keep that in mind as well.

Stay tuned with pre order information!